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You can put your trust in the services of The Mortgage Recruiter. Cumulatively our staff has over 25 years in the Recruiting and Mortgage Industry. Our professional consultants are not only leading executives in the recruiting industry, 75% of our consultants,  maintain an active MLO license enabling them to be knowledgeable in TODAY'S mortgage marketplace. This enables them to be able to take that knowledge and recruit solid talent for our clients.

Our candidates are exceptional, and our clients are industry leaders.

We are here to help our clients achieve their goals in the Mortgage Market today!

Sonya Brewer


Sonya Brewer President/ National Recruiting Manager

Sonya began her career in recruiting as a Recruiting Consultant with Enron and then Project Recruiting Manager. After the fall of Enron, she followed her father's advice and got into Finance, as he is a Commercial Real Estate Broker.
Beginning as a processor, junior Underwriter, loan officer she then became a Multi-Million Dollar Producing Branch Manager for a Houston Area Broker. After the Mortgage Crisis in 2008; she then was left with WHAT TO DO…. She took the two things she knew well and embarked on developing the most effective Recruiting firm that was educated on the Mortgage Industry - because she had WORKED in the Mortgage Industry.  Sonya called her colleagues that were looking for a role and asked them to join her in this new venture… And since 2010, it has been one hell of a ride!
The Mortgage Recruiter prides themselves on their service and commitment to their clients, and it all stems from Sonya. Successful Sales Leadership.Direct & Honest. Never Give Up Attitude. TRUE GRIT. These are Sonya's greatest traits, as described by her clients & staff.

Fun Fact the Staff loves to Share:
A client while visiting Sonya’s office one day, commented on piece she had on her wall…

He stated: “I have never seen that before, but after meeting you & your team; I get it now, pretty much sums up who you guys are - truly unique!”
Sonya’s response: “My Father gave me a copy of that when I was 18yrs old. He told me;
‘If you live by these principles, never give up, work hard, have Faith in the Good Lord, you WILL Succeed.’
Both my Father, and that advice, have Blessed me ever since.”

This is a copy of that piece on her office wall:


Our Recruiting Executives

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Amanda Rutherford

Vice President of Recruiting

Amanda began her career in the mortgage industry as a processor with CEBI Capital. She was Sonya's personal processor for a total of 8 yrs; which was, to say the least -Demanding!  Once the Mortgage Crisis hit in 2008, Amanda found herself not knowing what to do next. She was the first phone call Sonya made,  when she committed to starting The Mortgage Recruiter. In true Amanda style,  she was ready and willing to work with Sonya once again! She has played a HUGE role in the success of The Mortgage Recruiter. Her ability to find the candidates for our clients is uncanny. She has the ability to speak with candidates that are not even interested in listening to a recruiting pitch; and have them be truly vested in interviewing with our client before the call ends! Her loyalty to the firm, professionalism and her ability to recruit talent is exceptional and extraordinary. We are grateful to have her lead our team!

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Chasity Hagan

Assistant Vice President of Recruiting

Chasity began her career of all places, the US Postal Service. She became Sonya's personal assistant at The Mortgage Recruiter in 2011. She quickly became a team asset from the very beginning! Through tenacity and HARD work she has learned  so much about recruiting and she is doing it successfully!!!  In addition, she has learned the ins & outs of the Mortgage industry.  She has excelled with the traits of hardcore recruiting through cold calling, extensive social media, and technology skills – that is her forte. Her dedication to the team’s and the success of everyone in the office is her strongest character strength! She is a huge asset to The Mortgage Recruiter.

The MTG recruiter